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We Build Houses

Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome!  Every job is important.  No matter where your talents lie, you can help us in our mission to build safe, decent, affordable homes. 

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When families in our community have a better life, it benefits all of us. Our schools, our workplaces, our neighborhoods, and our lives improve. Housing may seem like only one piece in the puzzle, but it leads to a more complete, stable picture for West Virginians.

We believe in this vision because we know shelter is about more than four walls and a roof. A safe, secure, adequate, affordable home changes lives. A home helps people stay healthier. Having a place to call home helps children do better in school. A home helps people feel safe and secure. A home helps families achieve financial stability and reach for new opportunities. A home helps break the relentless cycle of poverty.

Habitat works toward our vision in multiple ways. We help people build homes and provide homeowner education, financial literacy training, and construction training. By partnering with community members in need of a hand up, we are empowering communities as a whole. 



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