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Selection Criteria

Become a Homeowner

How Habitat's Program Works

Habitat uses three criteria to determine whether or not a homebuyer is ready to take part in its homeownership program.

  • Need.

    Families often need a home because their current housing isn't viable. It may be overcrowded, too expensive, structurally unsound, or located in a dangerous neighborhood.

  • Ability to pay.

    You must be able to afford a monthly mortgage payment. See the chart below for some guidelines.

  • Willingness to partner.

    Habitat homeowners work on their own homes as well as homes for others.

Click here to see if you pre-qualify.

Apply Today

  • Download our Homeownership Application from the link above. Follow all instructions. Do not submit your application without all supporting documents. Please call Anne Plott, Homeownership Director, if you need assistance filling out your application. Her number is 304-720-0141 ext. 12.

    You can also email Anne and request an application. Her email address is
    You also have the option to call her at 304-720-0141 ext. 12 and ask her to mail you an application.