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How to Help Without Leaving Your House

The pandemic has kept many of us in our homes for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on giving back. Check out these easy ways to help Habitat while still chilling in your pajamas.

Click any of the links below to get started.

Donate on our Secure Website.

This one may seem basic, but it’s effective and easy. Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam now has an online donation option. We use a secure platform to track and manage your donation, so you can be sure that your money and information is being handled securely and safely. You will receive a receipt in the mail after making your donation.

Start a Fundraising Page. 

Using social media such as Facebook, you can create an online fundraiser for Habitat and encourage your friends to help raise money locally. Invite your friends and family to follow your page. You’re able to donate online, as well as include others in the process. Share your story about why you love Habitat and how your gift stays in Kanawha & Putnam counties to help those in need of a hand up. Most importantly, this is a great way to help a great cause without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Clean House - Donate Items to our ReStore.

We all have a lot of extra stuff we could probably do without or that doesn’t “spark joy,” according to Marie Kondo.  Why not clean house a bit while giving back? Your unused items could be someone else’s treasure. Both of our Habitat ReStore locations offer contact-free drop-offs, or you can call our Donation Hotline at 304-881-0262 to inquire about large item pickup services. 

Donate for our Future.

Did you know that you can include Habitat as beneficiaries in your will? Planning ahead like that helps us plan for the future. Have a conversation with your loved ones about your plans to give back when you’re gone or talk to a lawyer about drafting a document. When your will gives back to a cause, you can impact the world even after you’ve passed on. Contact us today at 304-720-0141 to talk with someone about your options.


When it comes to giving back, there are many ways for you to help out Habitat without having to leave your home. You can even come up with your own way to give back; get creative. Even with a busy schedule, you can make an impact on the world and know that your contributions helped make someone’s life better.

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