A Taste of … in Charleston 2019

Mark your calendar now: February 20, 2019.

Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam is once again hosting its annual culinary fundraiser at the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences. The 2019 “A Taste of … in Charleston” will feature local, Appalachian dishes with a gourmet spin. This year – the featured restaurant is a popular destination hailing from one of West Virginia’s top tourist spots.

A Taste of in CharlestonThis is your chance to escape the blustery cold this February and dine in style and luxury in downtown Charleston. No need to travel hours for a unique meal. As we’ve done in the past, we’re bringing one of the West Virginia’s top-rated restaurants to Charleston for one night only.

The Grand Lobby of The Clay Center will fill with food, music and members of our community as we showcase a mountain state chef’s creations for you to enjoy. “A Taste of … in Charleston” will feature five popular dishes, wine and spirits, as well as a signature dessert.  You will indulge in several unique tastes and textures that most have only read about in travel magazines. Best of all, your meal will be created with thoughtfully sourced ingredients that are respectfully and skillfully prepared.

In the coming weeks, we will drop hints and clues on our Facebook page about the restaurant and what we have in store for the Kanawha Valley this winter. Mark your calendar now: February 20, 2019. Join us in the Grand Lobby of the Clay Center in Charleston this winter for a culinary adventure.  Leave the cold behind.

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