Celebrating National Dog Day: August 26th

August 26th is National Dog Day

Many people that we partner with dream of one day owning a home where their children can have a pet, and there comes a time in most parent’s lives when they’re asked that one particular question by their kid: “Can we get a dog?” This weekend may be a good time to say yes. Saturday is a day to celebrate dogs — all breeds, pure and mixed. It also serves to help mobilize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need rescuing each year. National Dog Day also honors service dogs that work to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort to people.

You may not know it, but dogs are more than just pets. Dogs put their lives on the line every day, and we put them to use in a multitude of ways. We adopt them for personal protection, for law enforcement and to help the disabled. Dogs even ensure our safety by detecting and finding bombs. Some work to keep the streets safe by sniffing out drugs and tracking criminals. Now, scientists are using dogs to detect cancer and oncoming seizures — things even humans cannot do. Dogs definitely deserve a day of recognition.

If you’re an exceptional dog mom or dad, chances are, you already have pictures picked out for your adorable posts to commemorate National Dog Day. Yes, those posts that will make us wannabe dog owners sit in a corner and pet our screens.

Celebrate the Dog in Your Life

If you want to celebrate National Dog Day, it can be as easy as giving your four-legged friend a big hug and kiss. Other ways to celebrate your soul-mutt include teaching your dog a new trick, getting your pooch a new collar or doing something special for Fido. You can’t go wrong with new treats or a day in a park. If you are looking for other ways to show your love for man’s best friend, but you’re not a dog owner, you can always donate food, bedding or toys to your local shelter.

Some people say part of the American Dream is having a home with space to let their children play. What better way to get a child active than to give them a pet partner to burn off some of that young energy. If you can provide a good home and the attention a dog needs, go a step further and adopt a dog from your local shelter.

In honor of the 2017 National Dog Day, we’ve put together a slide show (top of the article) featuring our staff’s furry friends. Not everyone in the building owns a dog, so we’re including man’s other best friend – cats – in our slideshow also.

We want to see your furry friends! Post your pet pictures to our Facebook page.

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