Master Homeowner Tips: Being a Good Neighbor

It’s easy to be a good neighbor if you love where you live.

Maintain your domain.

Take a walk across the street and look at your property. Is it an advertisement for home repair services? Aside from old cars on blocks, avoid leaving toys in the yard, mow your lawn regularly, and fix any broken fence gate that goes clink-clank in the night. These little nuisances won’t make you friends.

Don’t blare the tunes.

Everyone loves a good party, but watch the volume when you crank up the music. If you plan on having a bash, let your neighbors know, so if they want, they can choose to have a quiet evening at home another night.

Keep an eye on Fido.

If your dog spends time in the backyard, be mindful if he’s a barker (as a rule, don’t let a barking dog woof it up for more than two minutes). If your yard isn’t fully fenced in, make sure your pooch doesn’t take his bathroom breaks on your neighbor’s lawn.

Make yourself helpful.

If you know your next-door neighbor is taking off to Japan, offer to collect her packages or mail until she gets back. If you’re sweeping your sidewalk, keep going and sweep hers, too.

Don’t drive like a maniac.

Keep it light on the gas pedal. Always be mindful of children, bikers, and runners. Think about safety.

Smile and say hello.

Make a habit of taking a stroll after dinner. Offer a smile. Strike up a conversation. Tell someone you like their garden. Or just give a small wave. Send out some good vibes and you’ll definitely get some in return.

If you ever decide to build a fence, confer with your neighbor first, and purchase one that’s attractive on both sides.

If you’d like to learn more about being a good neighbor, check out our Master Homeowner Class, Neighborhood Relations.

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