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Home for the Holidays: Celebrating Tausha’s Success

At Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam, we believe everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live.

We build houses alongside hardworking community members and then sell those houses with a no-profit, affordable mortgage. We prepare each homebuyer to be successful homeowners. Each Habitat partner must meet certain income and credit qualifications, attend homebuyer education classes and help build their future home. It is hard work, but it pays off! Our partners don’t just build strength and stability for themselves, but for their entire community. Together, we build a better Kanawha Valley.

Meet Tausha

Tausha found out about Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam’s homeownership program from friends. Word of mouth spreads fast when there is a dire need for safe housing.

Tausha came to Habitat because she and her children lived in an unsafe neighborhood on Charleston’s west side. Numerous shootings are reported annually within blocks of her previous home.  With three children, one of whom has special needs, Tausha feared what would happen if her children were to play outside. She was forced to keep them inside most of the time, and that’s no life for a developing child.

Since partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam in spring 2018, Tausha has excelled through the program.  She completed the required 18 weeks of homebuyer education and financial training without missing a class, and completed her sweat equity hours after only one year in the program. She worked weekly to build her house, saying that her motivation is the dream of life in a good neighborhood.

“Habitat will let me live stress-free knowing my neighborhood is safe and my kids have a stable home.”

Tausha takes great pride in what she is doing to better her family. Hoping her children can look back on this time and see how hard their mother worked to provide them with a stable and safe home, she documented her journey through photographs and Instagram posts. She wants to share her story not only with her children, but also with her community.  Tausha says that she wants to spread the hope that Habitat has given her, and she enjoys telling other’s about what it takes to partner with Habitat.

Tausha signed her mortgage paperwork one week before Christmas, and the same day she started moving her family into her brand new home. Now, she and her children will no longer have to worry about crime right outside their doorstep. Also, because Tausha’s mortgage is 0%-interest, she will be able to build equity in her home quickly – providing the strong financial foundation she has wanted for so long for her children.


If you would like to apply for partnership with Habitat for Humanity, CLICK HERE to take our short pre-qualification quiz — or call Anne Plott, Homeownership Program Director, at 304-720-0141 ext. 12.

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