Become A Homeowner

We promise it's hard and we promise it's worth it.
If you have an income that is considered low-income, currently live in a substandard home in Kanawha or Putnam County, and are willing to partner, you might qualify to own a home through Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program.

While the process isn’t speedy, if you successfully complete our program you will have the opportunity to own your own home for a lower monthly payment than you might pay to rent even a substandard home.

A good place to start is with this quiz to find out if you’re qualified to become a Habitat for Humanity Partner.

Take The Quiz

It all starts with a little paperwork.

You’ll need to complete your Partnership application to get the process started. There are three ways you can do that.

  1.  You can download the application here.
  2. You can email Anne Plott, our Homeownership Program Director, and request an application. Her email address is
  3. You can call Anne Plott, Homeownership Program Director at 304.720.0141 ext. 12 and ask her to mail you an application.
Download The Partnership Application

Then, we’ll sit down and chat.

Once the application is complete and the information on the checklist is gathered, contact Homeownership Director Anne Plott to set an appointment to meet and review your application for completeness. The adult applicants will be asked to bring to that meeting documentation of their income sources (pay stubs, award letters, child support documents, etc.), receipts for rent and utility payments and other monthly expenditures, and tax returns.

Call Anne Plott at 304.720.0141 ext. 12 to set up an appointment.

Yes, waiting can be the hard part.

Once your application is complete and all your documentation is together, we look at it to see if you meet our basic qualification guidelines. If so, your application is sent to the Homeowner Selection Committee.  Then the Homeowner Selection volunteers will arrange home visits where they will collect the rest of the information necessary to make a decision to accept you into the program.

Applications are reviewed in the annual quarter following their submission. The quarters are January – March, April – June, July – September and October – December.

So, if you submit an application during the first quarter (Jan-Mar) you won’t hear back until sometime during the second quarter (Apr-June).

It’s not a fast process, but nothing worth waiting for is, right?

It’s time to get down to work. Hard. Work.

When Habitat and homebuyer join teams, it’s still about 12-15 months before the homebuyer’s house is complete.

Just know that we ask a lot in the meantime, but we give a lot too.
Hey, we’re a team.

Sweat equity: It’s what you and your family bring to this project. Before we start building your new home together, applicants have to agree to work up to 500 hours of “sweat equity” as participants in Habitat’s homeownership program.  This means that the adults in the partnership will be working on job sites, in the Habitat ReStore or in the Habitat office helping with mailings, etc., to fulfill the sweat equity requirement.

We work with you to build the foundation you need to own and maintain your new home.

Homebuyers are also required to attend at least 12 classes and hands-on workshops to prepare them for home ownership.  Family members living outside the home, family, friends and co-workers, can help the partner family with some of these hours (up to 20% of the total). However, the responsibility for completing the sweat equity is largely on the adult applicants themselves. Once construction begins on the homebuyer’s house, the bulk of the homeowner’s sweat hours will be directed toward the completion of their Habitat house.

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